Fundraising Supports YOUR Community!

So, you're here because you want to fundraise for Komen Greater NYC and support your community by running breast cancer out of town... Well, before we get started, we just want to make sure you feel that virtual hug — it's for you. Seriously, your commitment to our community and the Race for the Cure is inspiring. We'd be happy to back up that digital embrace with a real-life high-five (or hug) any time. Come find us on Race day. We mean it.

Now that we're both settled on your status as a walking inspiration, we've got a few ideas to make your campaign a booming success and a few incentives to motivate you.

FUNdraising Tips

Tip 01: Give It Your All
Be sure to tell your friends that you are highly committed to Race for the Cure and running breast cancer out of town.
Tip 02: Tell Them Why
Speak to why you Race. While your Race Center gives you outreach templates, people relate better to a personal connection. Once people hear your story they may want to donate or even join your team.
Tip 03: Rally The Troops
Whether you're communicating online, over the phone or shouting it to the world in Times Square, be committed. Set a goal and keep your team informed on your progress.
Tip 04: Lead By Example
Show donors that you are fully committed to the cause by kicking off your campaign with a personal donation. If others see your generosity they’ll be encouraged to follow your footsteps.
Tip 05: Mind Your Manners
Please and thank you can go a long way. Be polite to foster relationships with potential donors. Act quickly and respond to all donations no matter the size of their contribution.
Tip 06: Ask Away
If you don’t ask, they don’t know. Donations can come from places you least expect them to so ask a diverse audience and do not be afraid of rejection. Personalize emails in your Race Center for more effectiveness and ask away.
Tip 07: Get Social
In this digital age, one of the easiest yet most effective things you can do is reach out online. You can even update your Facebook Cover Photo to show your commitment to finding the cure!
Tip 08: Double Your Impact
Match the efforts! Reach out to HR to see if your company will match your donations. Make sure to check to see if your company matches money you give.
Tip 09: Look Good Doing It
Screenprint t-shirts to wear at the Race and list all donors on the back. This is a great way to unify your team in the fight for the cure!
Tip 10: Reason to Celebrate
Ask people to donate to your fundraiser in lieu of gift giving at your next birthday, wedding or any other special occasion. Your guests will be in awe of your selflessness and commitment to finding the cure.
Tip 11: Stay Active
A great way to fundraise and stay in shape at the same time is to have donors sponsor your workouts. For example: $10 per mile on the treadmill or 50 cents per push up.