Let the FUNdraising continue! After the Race Day Extravaganza, stay with us for the Journey to 30 - your 30-day engagement and fundraising challenge!

The Journey to 30 honors this year's Race as our 30th Annual Race for the Cure. It pays tribute to all of the hard work accomplished and achieved over the past 30 years. And, it acknowledges the journey that lies ahead.

Choose the activities to define you Journey to 30... Tell your friends, families, co-workers, and donors that you are on a Journey to 30, and why... Ask them to donate to your page in support of your Journey to 30! Be more and achieve more #TogetherApart!

Need some inspiration on how to create your own Journey to 30?! Here are some exciting ideas:

  • Securing a $1 donation for day 1, $2 for day 2, $3 for day 3, and so on. At the end of 30 days, that is $465! Will someone else match that $465? That’s $930 on your (and your team's) fundraising meter!
  • Taking 10,000 steps each day. That’s about 4 ½ miles. Let’s get moving! Who will support your commitment to walking 300,000 steps in 1 month?
  • Doing 30 squats, cartwheels, burpees, jumping jacks or pushups a day! For each activity have someone donate $1.
  • Turn a weekly bakesale into a virtual experience. What about baking Komen pink cupcakes and delivering them to your supporters? What a sweet surprise!
  • Doing something comical, like eating food you can’t stand or singing karaoke in public! Let your highest daily donor choose your costume for a social post or walk through the neighborhood! Who do you know that will pay money to see all this silliness?
  • Set up a game for your team and supporters - like trivia or charades -- each Friday! A donation will give each person “entry” to your game!

Or, choose something more reserved if that is your style. The main idea is to do what you can, when you can, and where you can! Do it to be part of a community committed to a shared mission to fight breast cancer #TogetherApart. Think of this as the "doing" part of Race for the Cure - instead of gathering as a community in space (the band shell) after our 5K, we are each committing to "gathering" as a community in spirit. If you can't quite achieve the ideas above, consider every day activities that you can commit to in order to honor community...

  • ​Take a daily walk, bring your dog!
  • Call a friend or family member just to say hi!
  • Play Candy Land or Chutes and Ladders with your kids!
  • Donate what you can!

How will YOU Journey to 30?!