Komen Greater NYC Race for the Cure

Team StyleEsteem


The Komen Community, Racing Together Apart

My name is Sonya Keshwani and I was diagnosed with Stage 1 invasive breast cancer at age 29. It was then that I realized despite this awful diagnosis, I am super blessed and fortunate to have the resources and family support that I needed to get through 6 rounds of chemotherapy, 1 year of active treatment, and multiple surgeries. And while 1 in 8 women is diagnosed with this disease, not all of them will have what they need to get through their diagnosis.

That is why I am honored to support Komen Greater NYC as a Power Ambassador for the Race for the Cure, for the second year in a row. I have personally seen how fundraising impacts research and health care access in communities of need. From local scan vans to legal representation in insurance matters, and more. The need for these funds cannot be overstated when it comes to early detection and prevention. And as a survivor, it is my only goal that the women and men in my community, in our community, are empowered to look after their health.

This year, you can join my team from anywhere in the world! And you will be part of an event like no other on race day. A 30 hour virtual extravaganza will be hosted from NYC, with content created by the Power Ambassadors on everything from beauty and hair during treatment, to fitness and wellness. You will also be invited to join me as I do my Journey to 30 challenge – a small personal challenge I’ve committed to for 30 days.

Part of your registration due will be committed to the Komen COVID relief fund. And you can also get $5 off of your registration when you use the code STYLEESTEEM at checkout.

Now through October 15, we are also donating 20% of all sales of the "Komen Together for a Cure" head wrap to Komen Greater NYC! See more details here.

Thank you for committing yourself to Creating More Survivors! Every single dollar counts, no donation is too small. Together, we can do this!

Team StyleEsteem